2024 FIFA World Cup Jerseys: Everything You Need to Know


The 2024 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner, and fans are already excited to see their favorite teams compete on the biggest stage in international football. Cheap Jerseys One of the most important aspects of any World Cup is the jerseys, and the 2024 edition is sure to feature some stunning designs.


Adidas is the official kit supplier for the 2024 FIFA World Cup, and they have already released some of the jerseys that will be worn by the participating teams. cheap nfl throwback jerseys Some of the most notable designs include:

  • Argentina: The Argentina jersey is a classic white and light blue design, with the traditional AFA crest on the chest.
  • Brazil: The Brazil jersey is a bright yellow design with green trim, and the iconic CBF crest on the chest.
  • Germany: The Germany jersey is a black and white design with the DFB crest on the chest.
  • Spain: The Spain jersey is a red design with yellow trim, and the RFEF crest on the chest.


Nike is another major kit supplier, and they will be providing jerseys for several teams at the 2024 World Cup. Some of the most notable designs include:

  • England: The England jersey is a white design with red trim, and the Three Lions crest on the chest.
  • France: The France jersey is a blue design with white trim, and the FFF crest on the chest.
  • Netherlands: The Netherlands jersey is an orange design with black trim, and the KNVB crest on the chest.
  • Portugal: The Portugal jersey is a red and green design with the FPF crest on the chest.

Other brands

Other brands that will be providing jerseys for teams at the 2024 World Cup include Puma, Under Armour, and New Balance. Some of the teams that will be wearing these brands include:

  • Italy (Puma)
  • Uruguay (Puma)
  • USA (Nike)
  • Mexico (Nike)
  • South Korea (Nike)

Where to buy

The jerseys for the 2024 FIFA World Cup will be available for purchase from a variety of retailers, including the official FIFA store, the team stores.


The 2024 FIFA World Cup is sure to be a memorable event, and the jerseys will be a big part of that. With so many great designs to choose from, fans are sure to find the perfect jersey to support their favorite team